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Celebrating four years of Emulate This

It seems crazy that our favorite retro gaming podcast has been "on the air" for 4 years! What started as a humble low budget passion project between Mike and Ryan, has turned into a humble slightly less low budget passion project between Mike, Ryan, Rory and Eric. It has been a wild ride, and everyone has their favorite episodes that they go back to listen to time and time again.

I have personally really enjoyed getting to know the fellow fans and the Emulate This crew over on discord, and really like hearing about how other enjoy the show. With the boys on a well earned vacation, I encourage you go through the backlog of episodes and listen to some of the greatest hits. Once you have digested some Emulate This goodness, head over to Discord and post about your favorite moments from the show. If you have never checked out the Discord page, I can't recommend it enough for fans of the show. It really is like a living "mail bag" that the hosts will pop in and chat with the fans about all things from video games to sports.

I was going to do a long write up of the history of the show, and some of my favorite moments, but I think it would be more fun to hear from other fans about what they like. I will share my favorite episode overall as a place to start if you have not gone through the backlog yet. I loved the "Oregon Trail" episode. The format was loose, the commentary was a shit show and the guys broke down to pure comedy gold.

I look forward to hearing about your favorite moments over on our Discord!

Congratulations again to Ryan, Eric, Rory and Eric on 4 years of pure, raw retro gaming awesomeness!